“Once Human” Heralds the Welcome Return of MotherSloth
~Doomed & Stoned Debuts~
By Billy Goate

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It’s been three years since we last reviewed an album by MOTHERSLOTH. Their debut LP, ‘Moribund Star’ (2014) left a deep impression on us and we counted it among the very best records of the year. The Madrid trio has a way of summoning columns of dark clouds around you as you listen and can also elicit the sweetest moments of sonic bliss. MotherSloth’s instinct for melodic invention is remarkable, perhaps best illustrated for me by “Hazy Blur of Life” from the last record (also, incidentally, the name of their 2012 EP).

If you’ve been missing that soul-searching sound, MotherSloth is returning with a second album, ‘Moon Omen’ (2017), next month. These six new songs strike a darker hue than previous efforts, which is just the right medicine for this particular listener. MotherSloth is geared up and hunkered down for the apocalypse, with tracks like “The Firemill” and “Doomsday Cyborg” driving you right into the heart of the storm. If you’re worried that it’s going to be a different MotherSloth than you fell in love with before, never fear. Songs such as “Shadow Witch” and “Wish for Dawn” bring back that deep feeling, with Dani’s guitar playing soldered right to your emotional nerve endings. Moon Omen is a journey into the deep recesses of inner and outer space, powered by the mood-fuel of ’90s grunge and fuzzy stoner-doom.

Dani’s riff-making carries a sense of wonder from track to track, with his lyrics exploring the darkest night of the soul. Founding member Oscar Muñoz and new bassist Adrian Moline (who also shares in the vocal textures) collaborate well in giving the album a cohesive sense of flow, with one track taking you to the point of the next to continue the adventure. So if today’s reveal of “Once Human” leaves you wanting to hear more, well, that’s kind of the idea.

MotherSloth’s Moon Omen emerges on March 3rd, 2017 via Argonauta Records and can be pre-ordered here.